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A little about me

HI, I'M Ang

I’m a sentimental photographer, based in Glass House Mountains. I fell into the photography world after a family member started studying it. It was like this instant zing. This space where I knew I would be able to bring together all the pieces that make my heart sing. I get to people watch for a living (who doesn’t like people watching from time to time haha!), be a wallflower during precious moments in people’s lives. Create tangible and personal memories (photos are honestly priceless) and live a lifestyle any romantic would swoon over - watching as the story of a couple unfolds right in front of you!

You’d think that capturing couples and weddings every weekend would mean I am loved-out but there is always a romance novel on my bedside table, half devoured too!

Images are there to remind us of the moments that have been. They take you back to how it felt, and I want you to feel everything. 

It's true, I am definitely that chick that gets overly excited when a new rom-com hits Netflix. I mean, honestly. who doesn't love an easy-watching movie where the main characters are guaranteed a HEA (happily ever after). I also love campfires, a good novel, homemade pasta, card games and simple nights in. My go-to outfit is always comfort first and a pair of converse sneakers. 

I am a mother of two - Emilia and Charlie. These two squishy, adorable humans are everything to me. And although they can make the mum-boss life a challenge, I wouldn't have it any other way. We have two doggies, Cooper, our 7 yr old Border Collie who was the original baby of the family. And Nala , our 4 yr old rescue pup who joined the clan just over a year ago. 

I married my hubby Michael at 19, we're nearly at the 10 year anni!! And I am seriously considering a vow renewal so that we can have a mini vacay!! But also so we can create some intentional time to really feel and reflect on the beautiful life we've been lucky enough to live so far. 

So yeah, that is a little sneak peek into what makes me - me! No matter who and where we are, we are all have different stories to share and precious moments to cherish. No life is one and the same. And that’s why I fell in love with documenting moments (and hopefully that will include yours too!)”

A classic sucker for those rom-com movies!


Being your photographer is not just about taking photos for you; it’s about creating a genuine, wholesome experience. A space to celebrate in a way that’s natural for you. If that looks like partying with your loved ones, belly laughs, and drinks all around, awesome! Or if that means a relaxed day and intentional time together to just ‘be’, I’ve got you!

After discussing how you want your day to feel, I will be there to map out an intentional timeline for you. If you're stuck with suppliers or any other elements of your wedding, I've got you covered with info and advice to help you along the way. I’m here to make this process fun, exciting, and as stress-free as possible!

On your big day, I will be that wallflower behind the scenes, photographing moments and details that go by in a blur. We will capture all those candid little moments, the ones that really do mean so much. Capturing the more stressy parts like family photos will be a breeze as we go over this in your pre-wedding q+a. And of course, you can bet I will be onsite earlier in the day scouting out the area so we can make use of all the gorgeous spaces for your solo portraits together! 

This is going to be the best day - i've got you. 


Hiring a photographer is about more than just getting a handful of images. Anyone can capture a pretty picture of you, I want this to be more than that for you. You're connection is worth more than that. This experience deserves to be more than that.

This is going to be a space for you to be you. An experience that leaves you two loving each other (and yourself!) more. I want you to walk away with images that truly represent you and hold in them the essence of who you are and the journey you've been on so far. It's not just about the 'pretty' bits. What we create together will be so much better than that.

“Every wedding, every shoot, i start with no expectations. We're there for you. Your story will be different from the last, which is the most awesome part of the job.”


I couldn't even say how many times I've heard the saying "we're awkward. We need someone to help us look good" And you know what? I'd be lying if I said it wont be awkward. Getting photos is awkward!! It gets our nerves going and makes us feel those butterflies for sure. But you know what? The butterflies will pass, you'll ease into the moments and at the end you'll realise it's really just a whole lot of fun. 
I promise. 

I promise the nerves will fade and the images we create will be worth it! 

my philosophy

Sam + Tyler

We are literally in love with every single photo. I can't even begin to say how incredibly lucky we are that we got to book you!

Em + Stu

You are some kind of Magic Ang. We just looked through the images and we were gasping and laughing and I was crying at it was all of the emotions.

Anna + Tim

Tim even said he had a ball having our portraits done, which he was so surprised about as he was pretty nervous about them. But you made it so relaxed and fun! You made us look like we were movie stars out of a magazine haha! 


Photographs become the pieces that tell your legacy. Let's get sentimental and create them, together. 

This is where the journey starts, reach out and tell me all about it. Thank you for sharing a piece of your story with me, it's so awesome you're here. 

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