Penny & Adam

Maleny Manor Sunshine Coast

Maleny, Queensland.

Okay so let's be honest... when photographers say "don't worry about the rain, it's still epic" which let me say first off, is true! It doesn't however mean we don't cry a little on the inside when we wake up the moring of a shoot to miserable weather. That's exactly what happened the day of Penny & Adam's engagement shoot.

Sometimes you can get away with hoping the crappy weather is somehow just circling where you live and may not be affecting the shoot location at all, but when your shooting in Maleny and you only live a little drive away, you know lucks probably not on your side with this one. Even leading up to the shoot, there were texts back and forth about if we risk it or postpone, but ultimately being the legends they are, they were ready to brave the weather and we went ahead!

So rocking up on location, not only did it look like we were going to get drenched in rain any second, the winds had decided to join the party too! Brave-faced, we wandered along the dirt road, further and further away from the safety of our dry cars and decided if were going to do this we had to be all in!

Thank goodness we decided to go! That's all I can really say.

Okay yes, there are things photographers say to keep you calm in certain situations but these two things are fact. 1. Windy weather is the best! It adds movement to your images without us having to try.

2. Couples who cop a face full of hair when they are trying to be all romantic and stuff tend to laugh 5 x more during their shoots. (okay, maybe not fact, but it sounds good right?!)